With over 40 years of Experience in education, 30 in Doha, with 22 in one of the best schools in the Gulf, Ambrose was able to identify a gap in the current market. Belgravia was born out of an evident lack of high quality, bespoke education in Qatar, since 2012 Belgravia High School has strived to redress this gap, and provides a unique environment for learning not seen anywhere in the country


KS4 Coordinator, Head of Science

As a teacher, I have spent years working in both the U.K. and Doha, my formative teaching years in the U.K. have given me a level of expertise in my subject, I bring that expertise to Belgravia as the Head of Science.

Why I love teaching at Belgravia High School :

Belgravia High School's unique learning environment allows students of all levels to achieve their full potential. The teaching environment allows me to focus fully on my students, rather than being distracted by the bureaucracy of a large school.


KS5 Coordinator, Maths Teacher

I have over 20 years experience working in education, having taught across the globe but mostly in Asia and the Middle East.  My experience includes both pastoral and academic posts of responsibility.

Why I love teaching at Belgravia High School :

At Belgravia High School all students have an individualised learning program to suit their educational needs. The small class sizes and home from home environment make teaching at Belgravia unique and is a recipe for success for both teachers and students alike. 


Geography Teacher

I have taught across the world, including some of the best European Schools in the world.

Why I chose to move to Belgravia High School: 

Teaching at Belgravia gives me the opportunity to educate well motivated and enthusiastic students, in a friendly yet professional environment, using the latest technological resources. Why would I work anywhere else?


Business and Computer Science Teacher

After teaching in the UK for 8 years, I took to travel and teaching abroad. I have worked in international schools for the past 8 years and what attracted me to come and work at Belgravia is the attitude and relaxed atmosphere where the focus is purely on teaching and learning with no barriers at all.

Why I chose to move to Belgravia High School :

There is a great working environment and the small close knit community really work well together to support students throughout their journey. I have experience In teaching Business Studies and more Importantly Computer Science which I will be looking to deliver successfully at Belgravia.


Physics and Biology Teacher

I've taught in around the world, including the U.K, Germany, Doha, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

Why I chose to move to Belgravia High school :

I was becoming jaded by the classic teaching system and wanted a change to concentrate on teaching to my highest standard.


Maths Teacher

I’ve taught maths and physics in numerous schools throughout Europe and the UK. This is my second time in Qatar having previously taught at another school for 10 years.

Why I love Teaching at Belgravia High School:

I’ve been at Belgravia since just after its inception as an Education Centre and witnessed its evolution and development into a fully fledged secondary school.


Chemistry Teacher

I started my teaching career in 1984 when I was employed as a science and chemistry teacher at Ballymena Academy in N Ireland. 3 years later I left to embark upon my first international posting when I joined Doha College. 14 years later I moved to Europe to work in Brussels in the European School system. After 10 years I moved on again, returning to Doha in 2012 to work at Park House English School as Head of Science. After taking a gap year spent 1 very enjoyable year working at CIS in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Why I chose to move to Belgravia High School :

When Ambrose offered me the opportunity to return once more to Doha to work at Belgravia High School I jumped at the chance. I have many fond memories of living in Doha and look forward to working with some colleagues from my DC days and meeting up with old friends from PHES.


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