As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape our modern world, Belgravia High School has taken the opportunity to prove it can adapt and continue to grow amidst trying times.

The educational ethos that drives all aspects of Belgravia High School is one of quality.

  1. Quality of teaching and learning

  2. Quality of support for all students

  3. Quality of the educational environment.

Belgravia High school employs the highest quality teachers, some with decades of experience in their perspective teaching fields. Our teachers are all experts in their subject. They, therefore, can present the curriculum to a wide range of student abilities, giving each student a bespoke learning experience.

As well as having high-quality educators, Belgravia high school has made a conscious decision to allow no more than 16 students in each class. This will enable students and teachers to work in a one-to-one teaching environment with top quality support for all students, regardless of their ability.

Over the past three years, Belgravia high school have invested heavily in modernising and upgrading our teaching environment. The result of this is a school that offers students of all ability levels an outstanding education in an exciting and very modern setting. Our latest investment has seen a brand-new building with five new classrooms and high-tech photography and art studio. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Belgravia’s main target has been to narrow the gap that exists between in school and online learning. With the investment of 16 new 75-inch flat panel monitors, wireless microphones, and new laptops available for students to use while in school.




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